Minimatics Philosophy

Minimatics Philosophy

Early advantage

Our aim is to build a solid mathematical foundation, as well as confidence in maths, before young children enter primary school. This will provide your child with an enhanced mathematical ability throughout their primary school and high school years.

Fun and entertaining

Through singing, play and interaction, our programme is designed to be a fun and entertaining way for your child to learn concepts such as sorting, patterns, measurement, numeracy, and problem-solving. We incorporate brain gym into our lessons, and children learn in the lessons through movement and using their bodies.

Learning at home

We want children to see, touch, and experience maths when at school, at home and in their environment. We want children to start "living maths" and not being afraid of it. Our programme is designed to be repeated and reinforced at home to ensure that your child derives the maximum benefit from their time at Minimatics.

Our programme

Minimatics is a new theory to develop maths concepts through PLAY. Minimatics will assist teachers in nursery and pre-primary schools in building a solid mathematical foundation. We bring in our own equipment packed in 'treasure boxes'. Our equipment is easily accessible and affordable to parents to help them reinforce these mathematical concepts.

About us

This extra-mural activity has been designed and developed by degreed teachers with extensive experience in the mathematics field.