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Welcome to Minimatics

Minimatics is a maths based, extra-mural programme run in pre-primary and nursery schools for children between the ages of 3 and 6 years old. The programme has been developed by qualified teachers with extensive experience and a true love for both teaching and children. We believe that young children need to start living maths. We want children to see, touch, and experience maths at school, home and in their environment through the use of concrete apparatus.

Brain gym is incorporated as a crucial part of our lessons.

Through singing, play and interaction, children learn concepts such as;

  • ·         Numeracy

    ·         Measurement

    ·         Sorting

    ·         Patterns

  • ·         Problem solving



Our programme is designed to be repeated and reinforced at home to ensure that your child derives the maximum benefit from their time at Minimatics. 

Invest in your child’s future today, by developing confidence and a solid mathematical foundation.

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Parent Feedback

Minimatics is really making a huge difference in my child’s life.  I can really see a difference in her confidence, memory in being able to share what is done, excitement to tell me all the detail. Thank you for everything”. - Taryn-Leigh Boubell (Magic Being Parent)


“I sometimes have challenges convincing my son to go to school except for this morning when I mentioned Minimatics.  He told me that Minimatics is his favourite!” - Jane Misch (JC Fourways Parent)

 “ I am very impressed with your professionalism. Thank you, as always for the feedback – it helps with the discussions about what happened at school today …” - Thenji Maluleka (JC Sandton Parent)