Parent feedback

Quote from a Principal – Sandra Think Kids

" As an educationalist and principal this programme resonates with me because it is the correct way to teach pre-schoolers and at the same time build confidence and skill.  We learn best from 3D to 2D to one D; another way to see it is 'move to learn'".

  Quotes from parents:

“My child absolutely loves this course”.- Craig Owen (Parent)

“Wow, wish I was exposed to Minimatics when I was younger.” - Taryn-Leigh (Magic Being Parent)

"Since going to Minimatics, our every day activities include all Travis' new words that he has learnt. He will point out the circumference of the moon, the symmetry of my face and even corrects me if I refer to an ottoman as square. He tells me its a cube. Besides what he learns in the minimatics class, the biggest benefit is that he now has a passion for anything mathematical and that is priceless"- Candice Cottrell - Magic Beings

“Many thanks for the feedback…. We practice at home and the feedback from the lesson definitely helps as it allows me to continue the lesson on our way home…he seems to be enjoying the content so I am really impressed with him learning shapes, the number of sides shapes have etc….”-
Deshni Naiker Fun Factory (Parent)